Where does one start? The health benefit? The aphrodisiac aspect? We sell a refrigerator magnet that reads: If only Men were as satisfying as Chocolate! For the Christmas season, 2006, we bought more chocolates than we have ever had in the store at one time before! And we have re-ordered since!

People love chocolate. Personally, I prefer the dark chocolates, high in cocoa, lower in sugar, smooth and strong like a cup of black French roast...mmmmm.

MOST POPULAR chocolate on Public Square this year is, once again, from Switzerland and the folks at Lindt, their chocolate LINDOR BALLS, now available in ten varieties.

German, Polish, Belgian, French, Colombian, Russian, Dutch, domestic fair trade organic, even English CHOCOLATES - oh, and Italian, of course, grace our humble shelves here in downtown Wilkes Barre, Pa.
(SEE Wilkes Barre in the 4 slide shows on our ABOUT CIRCLES page)

Not all chocolates are in stock all the time. What fun would THAT be? SHHHH! Be vewwy quiet! Im hunting chocwits!


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