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Pre-made selections of our top quality Boars Head brand (store-roasted) turkey breast, custom cut roast beef and Virginia ham on a variety of breads and kaiser rolls – with cheeses, lettuce and tomato – halved, party picked and garnished with either pickles or seedless grapes – available either with the condiments already on, or with sides of Hellmann’s mayo and Boars Head mustard – attractively arranged on a covered plastic platter – at a price that is LESS than if purchased separately!


Classic deli trays ~ beautifully arrayed sliced meats and cheeses, with everything you will need to build your own CIRCLES' sandwiches! Includes breads, lettuce, tomato, mayo, BH mustard, one specialty mustard, our own Russian dressing, pickles and/or ripe olives. Portion size is a hefty 5 ounces, larger than our regular 4 ounce sandwiches, so you are sure to not run out!

$67.50 serves
10 to 15
$93.75 serves
15 to 20
$119.80 serves
20 to 27



Man does not live by bread alone! We create topical salads every day to serve our loyal and demanding Take Out Salad Bar customers. A good salad not only complements a great sandwich but offers a satisfying alternative to those in search of vegetables. We offer a host of salad choices, including straight greens, tossed salads, macaroni, potato, spinach, pasta combinations galore - as well as scores of composed salads. Reduced calorie and fat-free dressings are always available. Please call and talk to one of our "greens" people about your needs. ( Our goal is not to sell salad - Our goal is satisfy your needs, and the needs of your guests.) We suggest a quarter to a third pound serving per person, generally. Prices vary by volume and salad type. We say "toe-may-toe".


Field-ripened canteloupe, honeydew melons, golden pineapple and washed seedless grapes, heaped on a covered platter with a clear dome lid: a welcome addition to any gathering and complements even the fussiest diet!

serves 10 – 15
serves 20 – 30
serves 30 – 50





Available every day, our made-from-scratch, original recipe soups taste so good they will make you happy!
Available by the gallon ( for your stockpot or immediate or future use) or in our 12 ounce individual serving cups.
Buy the whole batch at a significant discount - you'll love the left-overs!
About our SOUPS
We love to make soup! We always cook “from scratch”. We never BUY our soups! (Shudder!) Our soup is never canned, never frozen, and never from a mix. Our 6-burner Vulcan stove sometimes has all six going at once! What fun! Food is meant to be shared, and what’s better than a steaming bowl of fresh SOUP? Circles’ soups usually start with a saute ( in olive oil or butter, unsalted) of root veggies and take off from there. We love to eat and we believe that “you are what you eat”, so we tend to use FRESH, first quality ingredients at every turn. People love our soups! We offer at least four soups each day and one of them is VEGETARIAN ( contains no meat or meat products but may contain butter, shrimp, clam or lobster.) Here’s our SOUP LIST:
SOUPS with meat
cream of fresh ASPARAGUS  ~  black BEAN and wild rice  ~  hambone BEAN  ~  wild rice BEEF  ~  barley vegetable  ~  BEEF  ~  cream of BROCCOLI  ~  cream of CAULIFLOWER  ~  CHICKEN  ~  cream of CHICKEN florentine  ~  wild rice barley CHICKEN  ~  ground steak CHILI  ~  SPLIT PEA with HAM  ~  BEEF STEW  ~  manhattan CLAM chowder  ~  new england CLAM chowder  ~  CORN chowder  ~  MEXICORN chowder  ~  cream of MUSHROOM  ~  FRENCH ONION  ~  POTATO leek  ~  russian POTATO  ~  sweet POTATO spinach  ~  RED SAUCE with ground steak  ~  TOMATO bisque
vegetarian SOUPS
CLAM bisque with mushroom  ~  GAZPACHO  ~  LENTIL  ~  LOBSTER bisque with crabbe  ~  MUSHROOM barley  ~  portobella MUSHROOM  ~  POTATO  ~  roasted garlic POTATO  ~  SHRIMP with ginger  ~  summer VEGETABLE  ~  spinach POTATO  ~  sweet POTATO cheese  ~  sweet POTATO nut  ~  velvet POTATO cheese  ~  SPINACH lentil  ~  garlic TOMATO  ~  spicy fresh TOMATO  ~  baby bella MUSHROOM BARLEY  ~  vegetable RED SAUCE

Imported penne pasta and private stock Cabot Vermont cheddar combine to make our Mac & Cheese a daily special occasion!

Buy the whole pan (10 servings) - $26.95 - hot or cold

We bake ALL of our baked goods on the premises. Our muffin selections are hand-made daily as are our original recipe to-die-for chocolate chip walnut cookies. We finish par-baked water bagels fresh in our ovens and we proof and bake authentic Vie de France butter croissants every day, fruit-filled, chocolate, plain, and honey whole wheat. And we make some of the nicest baked good PLATTERS anywhere. For all occasions: breakfast, dessert, party, or condolences. Prices vary by selection and quantity. Please consult one of our customer service specialists for expert advice! Your satisfaction is assured. 20-plus years of baking experience you cannot get at Sam's Club, brother!


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