Q- Where on Public Square ARE you?

A- Between South Main and West Market (the block that Boscov's is on) in the building aptly named "15 Public Square", a 6-storied modern rectangle with rows of dark, horizontal windows. We are on the ground floor look for the plethora of neon circles.

Q- Do you deliver?

A- Yes. We offer limited, free delivery (on foot, by one of our staff) on orders over twenty dollars (except during the period from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm) to addresses roughly within a block and a half from our store. We deliver within the area bounded by the intersection of W. Northampton (YMCA) north to W. Union St. (Penn Miller), east on Union to N. Washington (Citizen's Voice), south to E. Northampton(Catholic Social Services) and west to the YMCA. We also deliver on Market Street west to River St. (Guard Group) and east, past City Hall to Penn Place. (If we can walk there, make the delivery, collect payment and get back within 15 minutes, we deliver; if not, we do not.) Vehicular delivery of very large orders (catering) is available. A five dollar delivery fee applies. We also offer vehicular delivery of our condolence and gift platters within the (downtown) boundaries of both Wilkes Barre and Kingston cities (but not the townships). Exceptions apply. Please call for further information.

Q- Do you ship?

A- We do not ship perishable items, but we do offer shipping on all non-perishables, gifts, etc. Also see our online store for 24/7 ordering and shipping options.

Q- Do you accept debit or credit cards?

A- We accept all major credit cards and those debit cards that function like one (i.e., do not require entry of a PIN).

Q- Where do we park?

A- There is metered parking immediately in front of our store and across the street around the Public Square. Additionally, there are 4 multi-floor parking structures (for pay) within 500 feet of our front doors; (alas, we do not validate). Parking is not a problem!

Q- Take out only? Where can I eat my lunch?

A- Why not go across the street to Public Square? Weather permitting, it is a delightful venue for an impromptu picnic: a green space, benches, mature trees, shade and lawn invite the passers-by to dally. Weekdays when the sun shines, we now offer our own sidewalk seating as well (in season): Look for the giant red and black "Boar's Head" umbrellas! Very pleasant, comfortable and convenient!

Q- So, what's good? What do you recommend?

A- We like to believe that the quality of our food is consistently high across the spectrum of our menu, so be daring: have a favorite? Try our version of it and go head-to-head with our vision of "what's good". Our staff is very knowledgeable and helpful too ~ just ask!

Q- I had one of your "Daily Specials" sandwiches last week and I simply must have another! Do you archive the Daily Specials so I can go back and look for it?

A- Happens all the time! We keep the hard copy on file (though not on line). Try to recall the date and the name of the sandwich and/or the basic ingredients. Get two out of the three and we'll match you up! Phone or email your request!

Q- What is available in the way of Breakfast Platters?

A- The most popular request is for our Muffin & Bagels Tray, which naturally comes with all the condiments one needs, as well as a fresh fruit garnish. Our baked goods are baked on premises, by us, daily. We also bake Vie de France plain and filled butter croissants, our own fudge nut brownies cups, carrot cake cups (iced and naked), chocolate chip walnut cookies and sometimes, surprises. All are available platterized and in combination. We also offer our fresh fruit platters, fruit juices, hot coffee and tea, etc. Call us (or email) for more information.

Q- Your soups are wonderful! Where do you get them? And where can I get them?

A- We make all our own soups on premises. None are frozen, canned, pre-made or commercial. We use the best ingredients. See ALL ABOUT SOUPS for more information about and a list of our soups. We sell our soups in 12 ounce servings, by the "batch" (which may vary from 2.5 to almost 5 gallons), and also by the gallon. Advance notice is required.

Q- Do you sell your bread?

A-Yes! Usually over the counter by the "serving", two slices (or one roll or baguette or bagel or croissant), sliced or unsliced. We will also sell you the bread we use with advance notice. The loaves weigh 3 pounds and are baked in NYC. Good stuff!

Q- Why can I not get a sandwich on toast at Circles?!

A- Good question! The obvious answer is because we don't have a toaster, but you knew that. We used to toast. Yes, it's true. Ruined a couple of household toasters, then found a commercial toaster at a flea market for cheap (a $500.00 item!) but learned it was a 3-phase appliance. We expanded our electrical panel and up-graded our service over the years, but never found space and demand enough to make it happen. We share your pain. Toast is good, but by now, it's Tradition!

Q- Do you do "requests" for names for the Daily Specials?

A- Generally, "No". But grease our palm! "Betty will you marry me? -Fred" is cute.

Q- Where did you learn to cook?

A- My Mom was a terrific cook but worked full time when I was a ravenous young man. My Dad also knew his way around the kitchen. Both set the bar high. Cooking was also a self-reliant alternative to the parade of Swanson TV dinners and Morton pot pies that masqueraded as dinner during my formative early teen years. It helps that I love to eat. I earned a scouting badge by trucking my cast iron skillet into the woods, flint-and-steeling a fire, and cooking a meal of go figure baby beef liver cooked in bacon grease and smothered in grilled onions. I was twelve.

Q- Why is your web site a DOT BIZ ??

A- Circles on the Square dot COM was unavailable when we went on line, but we have since acquired that domain and it is now our E-COMMERCE site! T-shirts, Magnets, Collectibles, Incense, more available 24/7. Please visit!

Q- Do you sell gift certificates?

A- Yes, in five dollar increments. They are a paper certificate, not plastic, as in an in-house debit card. (Some people buy themselves a gift certificate and use it as scrip- the transaction is actually faster than plastic- and as good as gold.)

Q- Can my firm open a Corporate Account?

A- Yes, repeat- and/or volume-sales qualify for 30 day billing arrangements. For less frequent "flyers" we require cash, local check or credit card. We accept all major cards. Some repeat customers keep their card numbers on file with us.

Q- Do you honor competitors' coupons?

A- Our competitors have coupons? No.

Q- How come I never see Circles' ads anywhere?

A- With grateful humility, we thank our loyal customers for doing our advertising for us!

Q- Do you offer discounts?

A- Well, yes, we do. A "case discount" is offered on case lot sales: 20% off our retail price. This offer extends to deli meats and cheeses as well: buy the whole piece (uncut, unopened) and get 20% off. Fun stuff, too! Say we have to purchase 5 of an item to get any at all; you buy the "lot" (all 5) and you qualify for 20% off. Inquiries welcome.

Q- What about "volume" discounts on food sales?

A- Yes, volume discounts are built into our catering prices: the more you buy, the less per unit we charge. The converse is also true. Economies of scale prevail! Our over-the-counter prices are already "discounted" to what we like to think is a bargain IF the quality (and what we pay to get it) is compared to what you will pay elsewhere (more than what we charge) for admittedly lesser quality, and, usually, smaller portions! Are we stupid? This is your "discount" for buying take out with us! Dumb like foxes!

Q- Do you do "layaways"?

A- How quaint! No.

Q- I see you are open Saturdays "in season". What season is that?

A- Good question! We are a mostly full time cadre of workers who value their time with family and smallmouth bass alike, so, when the weather turns drop dead gorgeous, we lock the door for the weekend and get out and get about! Hot town, summer in the city.... folks 'round here got mountain streams to sit in on Saturdays....So, roughly, late June 'til just before first frost, say late October, Circles on the Square is closed Saturdays. Thanks for asking.

Q- Where can I buy a CIRCLES Cookbook?

A- We do not have such a book to sell (yet). People ask for our recipes and we give them advice: use the best available ingredients, always; do not substitute lesser quality items, unless you want a lesser quality result. Butter is never oleo. Generally, we eschew revealing our recipes; does Macy's tell Gimble's? One of our favorite sources for basic recipe info is anything from Molly Katzen's Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks! The rest is personal preference and ingredient availability. Get thee to the kitchen!

Q- I once saw this particular item in Circles and when I went to buy it, I couldn't find another one. Can I still order one?

A- That depends. "Yes" is an easy thing to say, but some of our inventory is no longer available anywhere. (Yes, collector's items!) For anything else, Yes! We will be glad to include it in a reorder or order it directly for YOU, esteemed customer!

Q- I frequently see the notation " b-o-p" on your Daily Specials page. What does it mean?

A- It means "baked-on-premises".

Q- What is a "Combo" and doesn't it come with something?

A- Ah, so, Grasshopper! "Combo" is short for "combination", and some places use it to mean combining disparate items (like Mickey D's), but our usage refers to the combination of like items, sandwich ingredient items, to be precise. We picked up the habit while patronizing the amazing and worth-emulating Zingerman's Delicatessen in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in my pre-Circles on the Square days.

Q- Do you use MSG?

A- No, never. Nor do we use whitening agents, commercial preservatives, flavor "enhancements", foaming agents, or chemical-anythings!

Q- In your sandwich descriptions, I frequently see the adjective "premium" used to describe your meats; like premium turkey breast, premium roast beef, corned beef, ham — what's up with that? What makes it so special?

A- In a word, the answer is "Boars Head." We feature the Boars Head brand because we have found that their commitment to quality matches our own. They consistently deliver a superior product: from growers' standards on the farms to the selection of cuts of meat (and cheeses) that ultimately make the grade, so to speak. The turkey we get from Boars Head (raw, uncooked) when compared to other available turkey breasts, contains less water added, less salt added, no adulterants, no enhancements. Consequently, we not only pay more per pound, but get less yield. Ah, but the yield!! Our store-roasted "premium" turkey breast tastes like Thanksgiving every day. The corned beef we buy from Boars Head (and cook ourselves) is the first cut of the flank, the choice, the leanest finely grained piece. It costs more and it tastes "premium", melts off the mandibles; it bringeth joy, brother. We have the printed Boars Head "Nutritional Information Booklet" available in store at no charge, and also (available on line) at the Boars Head website. We are proud of the high standards we share with the Brunckhorst Family's Boars Head brand tradition. Check it out!

Q- What is there to do in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. ?

A- I assume you mean besides visiting the amazing deli and emporium in question, eh? "MORE EVERY DAY" is my pat answer! Music, theater, sports abound. History lurks around every corner. The mighty Susquehanna River is a world unto itself, if you, too, are a river person! The 1800 seat Kirby Center is located right on Public Square and is a great seat for myriad attractions. We've seen Miles Davis, Bob Dylan and BB King there, to name a few. Center city Wilkes-Barre is undergoing a revival! More shops and restaurants are joining our ranks every day! Come see our multi-million dollar River Commons park! Only a block and a half away from us.

MOST FAQ: I get such a chuckle from the parade of sandwich names on your "Daily Specials". Where do you get the names from?

A- I like to tell folks that deep in the kitchen, atop the filing cabinet with the Sharpies and check books, sits a massive book: "the Big Book of Sandwich Names", from whence come the names! ( It is actually a Random House Unabridged Dictionary, circe 1982, which is a well spring of inspiration when the topical well runs dry.) A lot of people Believe in "The Big Book", so, please, respect their wishes, won't you? But, we know better, don't we?


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