In 1979, a kindred spirit, one Garry Kvistad, started a company that came to be called WOODSTOCK PERCUSSION, INC. They produce the line of precision-tuned wind chimes that we feature here at Circles on the Square.

Wind chimes should sound like the wind, don't you think? They should reflect the light, be light, and resound harmoniously with their environment, not clink and clank and tinkle like a can blowing down a brick alley! Woodstock Chimes make MUSIC! Each rod creates a chosen note, which is harmonically engineered to complement the others, thereby creating (a chord) a musical MOOD, or feeling, not noise.

Click on the large chimes above for a sample!


CAUTION: Woodstock chimes may be habit-forming.

Go to our LINKS page to visit Woodstock and listen to their chimes! If we do not have the chime that you desire in stock, we will gladly order it for you. We have dozens of Classic Chimes as well as their contemporary offerings. Prices range from twelve to two hundred and fifty dollars. Come in! Ring our chimes.

One of the most popular Woodstock products of late has been the Hanging Gong, a metal 10 inch handcrafted dish that delivers a brilliant, shimmering sound. $50.

Woodstock also makes, and we carry, certain delightful musical instruments; notably the three dollar metal KAZOO and the very affordable five dollar (made in China) Blues Band HARMONICA in C.


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