Why do we have hand thrown incense bowls and burning dishes? Because we sell SHOYEIDO brand Japanese incense! SHOYEIDO is a three hundred year old company that has been manufacturing first-quality incense for emperors and nobility alike. They use the finest and purest forms of traditional ingredients to create a product that is transcendant. There is no comparison to the kiosk or head shop incense. The Japanese take their incense seriuosly: they “listen” to it and reflect as the classic fragrances indulge their senses and foment the emotional associations that wickedly delicious smells are wont to do.

Visit their site from our LINKS page. We can get you anything you see there-and we won’t charge you shipping. We like to say: “Thank You for shopping Downtown!”

Seen to the left are a hodge podge of our stock: a bees wax candle, hand blown, iron ribbed glass candle holders, a miniature metal chair and a humanoid bending metal candle holder, both made of recycled steel. Some represent remnants of lines once carried, and some are truly collectible items from once thriving, now defunct manufacturers! (EMPORIUM: a retail store selling a great variety of articles) Why, we have some “estate sale” items of local interest on our shelves right now......

We bought the glass etagere seen here from a local gift shop that went out of business in the eighties. There is a 20 year old Xmas cactus on the top ( not shown and not for sale), but shown here are some hand blown glass vases , steel, hand fashioned “twig” candle holders and a piece of statuary. We recently sold our last in stock 22inch tall OBELISK. An employee at our new, downtown branch of Barnes and Noble made the purchase.( He also bought a frieze of Selket and a Naxian sphinx bookend.)

NOSTALGIC, perhaps, but Circles on the Square has a secret passion for manually reproduced images, and subsequently you may still shop among the hundred or so, personally selected RUBBER STAMPERS that we offer. While they last!

GET yer MAGNETS! We got BUTTONS! Come right in, folks! We’re talkin’ EMPORIUM here! Greeting cards! Post cards! BOOKS of post cards! STICKERS! Blank cards! PHOTOgraphic die-cut CARDS! We sell Ande Rooney brand (see LINKS) authentic porcelain enamel on steel reproduction advertising SIGNS and magnets! HUNDREDS in stock! No waiting! Step right in, folks! What’s that? Oh, yes, the four foot tall Coca Cola Bottle Sign is for sale...How much? Why, this numbered, limited edition, licensed reproduction is yours for ONLY $275.00. Only one available. Yes, sir? English lavender soap? Aisle three., You’re welcome!

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