Circles on the Square (our name is our address!) grew out of a dream of two friends to one day shuck off the corporate bonds and "go into business" for themselves. That started back in the 60's at Wilkes College (now University) here in Wilkes Barre, Pa. The dream needed 20 years to "cook" and in 1985 the friends, Phil and Steve, moved back to Wilkes Barre (Phil from Ann Arbor, Michigan and Steve from NYC) and the Store was born. Our motto:


Our mission: good food and fun stuff!

Our original logotype, seen here, was then created (with pen and india ink) by our long-time friend and consulting artist, Tom Kinter. We funded the project ourselves and did a lot of the work ourselves, finding our salad bar and convection ovens on the Bowery and our shelving from an old hotel (The Lackawanna) cigar store, twice removed. We painted. We cleaned. We cooked.

Steve had retail managerial experience and was an accomplished cook, having taken classes with the redoubtable James Beard.

English majors both, Phil, no stranger to the kitchen, had a "can do" attitude and the tools to make it happen. Together, the boys had fun, made headlines, and established Circles as a bastion of popular culture and the place in town to "deli down". Man does not live by bread alone. We knew that! So, half the store was devoted to food and the other half was devoted to fun, fancy, the beautiful, the frivolous. You can no longer buy rubber chickens or a "tornado in a jar", but the spirit lives on in an amazing selection of refrigerator magnets...

...Japanese incense, precision tuned wind chimes, museum reproductions, porcelain enamel, rubber stamps, objects, buttons, cards and books.

Sadly, Steve passed away at age 48,
but his influence lives on. Circles on the Square celebrated its 27th anniversary in January, 2013, and is surrounded by downtown revitalization that is shaking the dust out of downtown's pants cuffs!

Stuff is happening and folks are coming downtown to see for themselves. And we are slicin' and dicin', ready to make a fuss over the "newbies". Something is always new at Circles on the Square!

Located in the heart of scenic downtown Wilkes Barre, Pa, facing the public fountain and tree shaded ampitheater, Circles is two short blocks from the mighty Susquehanna River and one can step out of the store, look up and see the tops of the surrounding mountains that define our "valley with a heart".

"No Minimum - No Cover - No Seats!
Take Out only since 1985"

Wilkes Barre is loaded with history, is the county seat, and is, with Scranton, Pa, some 17 miles away, a major population center. Natural beauty abounds as the ancient Pocono Mountains ebb and throb. Phil was a native and Steve an adopted son. Wilkes Barre is easy to love.

Circles on the Square locally pioneered the sale of Boar's Head brand meats and cheeses from the now acclaimed
Brunckhorst family of Brooklyn, NY.

We also debuted the first take out
salad bar in town in 1985.
We baked authentic butter croissants,
original recipe chocolate chip walnut cookies, milk based fruit muffins, and developed a solid menu of soups which we made from scratch.

We have worked for years to earn our reputation for first-quality foods made with respect for tradition and
quality ingredients; a reputation and daily commitment that continues unabated today.

Visit our store by clicking on Emporium and take a gander at our goods!
(Caution: some magnets may contain adult themes and offensive language.)

Take a walk through downtown Wilkes Barre by clicking on the photo links "Slide Shows" below. Links to local attractions and events calendars, reviews, what-nots and what-have-yas can be found within Links.

Our Menu may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but that's really the good news: it's both highly descriptive and complete; making it easy to order about anything, whether a named sandwich or a combo built especially for you.

Be sure to check out our Daily Specials for the soups du jour, hot specials, money-saving topical sandwich creations as well as new or traditional specials, like Mom's (handmade) Ground Steak Meatloaf or Twice Cooked Pork 'N' Pasta!

We post tomorrow's specials today, every day, around two o'clock!

WELCOME! to Circles on the Square, Delicatessen and Emporium.

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9 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 18701 ~ STORE HOURS: Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm, DELI/SLICING HOURS: 7:30am - 4:00pm, SAT: 10:30am - 3:30pm in season
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